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Guelph Seminar 2010
Photo by Stephen Cruise

Welcome to the Canadian Iaido and Jodo Fund (CIJF) website. You are invited to participate in the fund which is our way to promote iaido and jodo in Canada. The fund exists through donations from the participants and is administered by the iaido 6dan and jodo 5dan ranks in Canada.


Membership in the CIJF is obtained through donation to the fund. You can donate by cheque to the treasurer in person or by mail to:

c/o Pam Morgan
7812 Guelph-Nichol Townline
Guelph, ON N1H 6J2

Or donate by email through Interac click to go to interac faq by sending an email to as per the following instructions.

To send an Interac e-Transfer:

ZNKR Iaido Manual, 2014

The manual is available for $20 + shipping from the CIJF. Contact

Funding for Projects

Any member of the CIJF may apply for funding for projects which will:

The fund is now open and you are invited to add to that now.

At the moment, the benefits you receive from being a member of this fund are:

About the Fund: The story so far

  1. What is the fund for?
    • In a word, promotion. Promotion of iaido and jodo in Canada.
  2. What domain names do we use?
  3. What does it cost to join the fund?
    • Membership is by voluntary donation. There is no minimum or maximum amount expected, and you do not have to be an active member of the arts to donate.
  4. What is the period of membership?
    • There is no fixed period of membership. As a member you will have access to financial information about the fund and you will see what funds are necessary and when. Regular reports on the fund will be available to the members.
  5. What, specifically, do we fund?
    • We have strategic plans in place for both iaido and jodo in Canada and we expect that the funding support will be directed toward those plans. However, if you have a great idea we want to hear it and there are no restrictions on funding suggestions.
  6. Who administers the fund?
    • The fund is directed day to day by a steering committee
    • The fund has a board of directors consisting of the Canadian Iaido 6dan and Jodo 5dan ranks. 
    • Treasurer (non-voting): Pam Morgan
    • Secretary (non-voting): Kim Taylor
  7. What do we offer in the restricted membership area?
    • List of directors and members
    • directors discussion documents
    • training videos and text not available publicly (records of seminars etc.) Note: videos, training notes and other such things should not be made publicly available (video taken at an instructional class is not utube-appropriate in the same way as video from public demonstrations).
    • We may also offer ways for those in more remote areas to contact our senior sensei with questions about training and other sorts of things. The intent is to keep things simple at the moment and decide where we want to go with the website. Of course one of the main things you will see soon in the membership area are reports on where we have spent the money.
  8. What this fund is not. 
    • The Canadian Iaido and Jodo Fund is not an organization, there is no intent that this fund will serve any function beyond being a place for the students of iaido and jodo in Canada to pool their financial resources and apply them to promotion and improvement of the arts. This is something that the senior ranks of the arts have been doing on an ad hoc basis for over 30 years and we are simply formalizing our efforts and allowing more students to become involved in the process.

Contact and Questions

Questions and comments can be directed to the Secretary, Kim Taylor at or to any Canadian iaido 6dan or jodo 5dan.

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